Thania Peck

Fashion Blogger

“I'm a fashion lifestyle blogger, and basically I travel for a living... In style.”


New England


South African

Average Work Week

40-80 hours...depends on the week

When Thania Peck wakes up each morning at 6 a.m., she starts her day knowing she’s made a career out of her passions. The former model works for herself as a fashion blogger, publishing work at It’s a vibrant site to visit, and it goes beyond the latest clothing trends to explore lifestyles, music and more.

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My Advice

Have a group of friends that want to see you succeed. Take the trash out and get rid of anyone in your life that is negative. Be open to change and new ideas, but don’t compromise your vision. Believe in you and pave your way. Don’t let your fears hold you back. Don’t give your concerns the stage, give your goals the stage! Also, create an accountability group. Send your friends your goals for the week and month and have them send theirs. Hold each other accountable to succeed. Hustle hard and watch each other grow!

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