Timothy Tello

Timothy Tello

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Timothy Tello has the number right on the tip of his tongue: 1.2 billion. That's how many people in the world regularly play video games. This is to say Tello, the head of business development for a gamer-oriented cryptocurrency, is part of an absolutely booming industry.

Tello's company, Pocketful of Quarters, is striving to become the world's first universal gaming currency, transferrable from title to title. Accomplishing a feat like across an industry requires widespread and meaningful business connections, and forging such relationships is a critical component of Tello's job. Business development, as he describes his job, is sales on a higher level. Tello has to know his company's and the other company's tech inside and out all while maintaining the same great-with-a-handshake friendliness necessary in every kind of sales. Let Tello explain further in the video above.

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