Tony Hoffman

Motivational Speaker

“Whoever you're around, you think like... remember that.”


Clovis, CA

Tony Hoffman is a motivational speaker with the life experience to back it. He was born in Clovis, California, and attended Clovis High School. As a teen, he was an athletic prodigy, already holding sponsorships and awards as a top-ranked BMX amateur. But at the same time, he began to experience drug addiction and substance abuse. By the end of his senior year, Tony lost sight of his sobriety as well as his path as a pro athlete.

He was homeless by 2006 and sent to prison in 2007 for committing an armed robbery. During his time in prison, Tony realized it was time to turn his life around and utilize the gifts that he was given. That same year, he dedicated himself to staying sober and has been ever since. He was released on parole in 2008 and came back to the BMX world, excelling beyond the limits of even his younger self’s best. He holds the silver medal in the 2016 World Championships and coaches fellow world-class athletes like Brooke Crain. 

His goodwill stems from recognizing the need for mentorship and a strong support system. In 2012, he founded The Freewheel Project which is a nonprofit organization providing youth mentorship through action sports. He has appeared on the TEDx stage to inspire others and share the story of how he went from prison to the 2018 Rio Olympics. He currently hosts his own podcast “One Choice,” where he dissects the thought processes and steps to personal development. When it comes to redemption, Tony took a situation at rock bottom and climbed until he was on top.


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