Travis Mills

Music Artist

“There's no greater feeling in the world than doing something you truly love”


Riverside, California

Travis Mills is the epitome of a wild card. Though he is most known for his career as a musician and actor now, his path was surely one less traveled. Growing up in Riverside, California, he was excited and interested in many things.  “I had to keep myself busy to stay out of trouble,” Travis tells Find Your Grind. The irony is that trouble seemed to follow him and only boost his creativity forward. He spent the majority of his childhood and adolescence at private schools and often felt stifled by the environment. His parents were supportive of his artistic endeavors, however, and helped kickstart his acting career by taking him to auditions. He played sports until age 15 when he picked up music and formed his first band with a group of his friends.

At age 17, Travis graduated high school and began working at a 24-hour Starbucks to gain income. He enrolled for Cosmetology School and wanted to work in hairstyling because of how unique the industry was. He used his income to buy things that represented and furthered his self-expression, such as his first Macbook and a few tattoos. He started using GarageBand on his laptop to create music here and there but didn’t consider himself a musician until much later when he made a choice between cosmetology and an opportunity to work at Warped Tour. While working for his friends and renting a bunk on the same tour bus as the band Attack Attack!, Travis hustled to get his name out there. He burned thousands of CDs of his homemade music and passed them out every day of the tour. He even started a Myspace page for his music and connected with a small following of fans.

When he returned from Warped Tour, he signed his first record deal, which quickly became a learning experience in the underside of the music business for him. He would eventually sign to Columbia Records and Universal Records. In 2016, he auditioned for Will Arnett’s TV series “Flaked” and landed a major debut role. All of these different experiences helped Travis to become more independent, trust in his own vision, and find better avenues of creative ownership. To this day, he prioritizes personal connections with his fans and emphasizes being your own boss. He encourages everyone to take a DIY approach to achieve their dreams.

My Advice

“If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?”

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