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Warren Brand

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If you're looking for the success story of someone who never did the thing they loved at the highest level but found a way to make an even bigger impact for those who could, look no further than Warren Brand. "I was never the best painter or the best drawer growing up," says the founder and president of Branded Arts, "but I always loved it."

A lifelong Angeleno, Brand entered the art world on the collection and curation side, making waves as a tastemaker and facilitator. His company has helped commission and execute more than 350 visual art projects in 40 cities around the world, and many of most notable are large, public murals. Heading his company, Brand serves as a promoter of artists while pairing them with companies and individuals who can support their work financially. He's the civically minded broker for a kind of modern-day patronage.

Notable Branded Art projects include IO Playa Vista, The Sunset Media Center, The Continental Grand Plaza, The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and many more.

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