FYG Junior Rogue Program


Winners Announced

Head over here to find out who will be on the first Junior Rogue team. Stay tuned for future programs!


In partnership with esports organization Rogue, Find Your Grind is launching the Junior Rogue Program, a semester-long professional gaming accelerator program that gives young Fortnite players a direct path to pursuing their dreams. Those accepted will receive mentorship from Rogue’s professional Fortnite team, a $500 scholarship, access to industry experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, and resources unique to the Junior Rogue Program. Find Your Grind wants to enable the next generation of Fortnite pros and provide the resources and experience necessary to chase that goal!

The Find Your Grind Foundation plans to continue reaching out and providing resources to the many young people looking to find their future in gaming. Due to its massive global popularity, Fortnite has become an excellent outreach and teaching tool, as well as a level playing field for gamers of all backgrounds!

About Rogue

The Rogue esports organization is excited to play several key roles in the Find Your Grind Junior Rogue Program, including providing advanced Fortnite coaching with its star Fortnite team, Q&A sessions with experts on many aspects of the gaming and esports industries, and other activities such as workshops and online events.

We are looking forward to helping as many young Fortnite players as possible through the Find Your Grind Junior Rogue Program!

Before you Apply

You'll be asked to upload your best continuous 40-60 minutes of Fortnite gameplay footage as a part of this application. If you need help, check this out: How to record your Fortnite gameplay and upload it to a video sharing site.

The Junior Rogue Program is currently open to residents of the U.S. and registered U.S. territories under the age of 18.