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In both academic and corporate settings, Find Your Grind creates conversations around community building, and lifts individuals to feel inspired, engaged, and better equipped to be the master of their own universe.

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Mike Smith has spent the last decade traveling the world, pushing people to dream bigger, create more, and live passionately. Speaking from personal experience, Mike shows businesses how to create positive culture, teaches young people how to start and maintain successful brands, and shows communities the power of giving back.

Mike believes:

Gen Z and Millennials aren't chasing careers or jobs anymore. They're chasing after a lifestyle that fits who they are and what they care about. It's not about what you're going to be...it’s about who you're going to be that matters.

Mike bridges cultures, professional backgrounds, and experience levels – in the understanding that we can shape our own futures in powerful new ways.

- Pascal Finette Managing Director, SU Labs

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Co-Founder, Find Your Grind

Mike Smith’s passion is working to end generational poverty one young person at a time by empowering kids to discover their passions, and build life and professional skills through skateboarding, music and art. Since its first inception in 2011, Smith’s non-profit skatepark, The Bay, has grown into a 30,000+ square-foot youth outreach center that focuses on skate, art, music, coffee, and community in Lincoln, NE.

In 2017, Smith joined forces with Nick and Natasha Gross, and Luke Trembath to launch Find Your Grind on a national scale with a simple mission: expose, enlighten, and educate students and teachers to the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Mike's Speaking & Podcast Topics

Here are some of Find Your Grind’s most requested topics available for schools or corporate events.


From founding two non-profits to leading youth movements across the globe, Mike embodies the meaning of leadership and fights every day to leave a meaningful legacy behind.

You’re leaving a legacy for this world whether you realize it or not. What you do with your life will boil down to one question: what do you want to be remembered for?

Changing Culture + Climate

Mike believes that many of the problems that schools and businesses alike face can be traced back to an unhealthy culture and climate. Judgement, indifference, lack of empathy, disconnect with students or employees - all of these issues are symptoms of a greater problem.

Mike understands what it takes to bring positive change to the culture of your classroom or workplace and is eager to be the catalyst for your school or business!

Pursuing Your Passions

With experience and knowledge beyond his years, Mike has accomplished things that few people his age have done. His reckless pursuit of his passions has been a significant factor in getting him there.

In this talk, Mike explains that every decision we make can have a lasting impact on our lives. He motivates people to live life intentionally, with purpose, and with a healthy dose of correctly-applied recklessness.

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Find Your Grind has a variety of educational products and curriculums which are in schools across North America.