5 Thrill Seekers Who Made a Non-Traditional Career Path

You won’t find a lot of Thrill Seekers with doctorates on FindYourGrind.com. Not because they’re not intelligent, of course, but because long-term planning often takes the backseat to elevation, speed or the euphoria that comes from a burst of pressure or focus. These professionals are often driven by feelings, by instincts. And their career paths […]

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Five Jobs for Art Lovers

Let’s say Picasso, O’Keeffe and Warhol are your heroes. You know their work on sight and have even imitated or learned from it in your own art practice. Painting and sculpture don’t exactly seem like contemporary career options, but there’s no reason you can’t put your artistic abilities or knowledge of art history to work for […]

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Five Careers for People Who Can’t Get Enough Social Media

Your obsession with pinning, snapping or retweeting could be a lot more than just entertainment or personal expression. These days, it could be a resumé builder or even earn you a dream job. Social media has changed the worlds of advertising, marketing and business by creating a whole new component of communication with audiences and […]

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Five Jobs for Kickstarting a Career in Government

Despite the stereotypes, there’s a lot more to government jobs than pencil-pushing or political jockeying. In fact, the variety in government jobs is almost as wide as that in the civilian job market. From environmental activism, to scientific research, to high-stakes security, the federal government alone is reported to comprise more than 1.7 million jobs that […]

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Free-Spirited Careers To Pursue Without a Bachelor’s Degree

It’s been widely held up in American society that the path to the most fulfilling and prosperous careers is through college education. Enrollment for undergraduate degrees increased dramatically from 1970 into the mid-1980s and has continued to rise in the last 15 years. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fulfillment, to finding your grind. Maybe […]

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Former Teacher Pursues an Alternative Career in Education

Sara Nilles loved her experience as both a student and teacher, but wanted to pursue an alternative career within the education space. After studying math education at Montana State, Nilles became a middle school math, technology and leadership teacher. Impressively, Nilles became the nation’s youngest Executive Director of a State Student Council in Oregon. This […]

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