Changing The Effects of Bullying

Changing the Effects of Bullying

“Whenever I hear the topic of bullying I become very quiet and have 1 million thoughts run through my head. And I can still see and feel the pain that I felt on that day.” Page after page, you can read a similar sentiment on Teens Against Bullying’s forum of anonymous teens who courageously share […]

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Taking The Lead: Isis Arias balances the art of mentorship and leadership while running ComplexCon

To look for someone during ComplexCon is like spotting a Pigeon SB Dunk in a crowd. Besides the constant traffic of people, you’re also surrounded by art and streetwear activations that have the power to overwhelm your visual stimuli. Like an endless stream of the best content on the internet — your mind races, and […]

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Find Your Grind partners with Flipgrid to empower student voice

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that Find Your Grind has partnered up with interactive social learning platform, Flipgrid! Through this partnership, we aim to ignite engagement through curated discussion prompts. Each topic features FYG co-founder, Mike Smith, who will be exploring topics anywhere from self-discovery, financial literacy, mental health, to building your […]

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Misfit Educator: Mallory Gregory is an empathetic leader committed to students

Subject: Family and Consumer Science Grade Level: High School School Type: Public High School School Name: Waverly High, Nebraska # of years teaching: 10+ years Down the table, Mallory Gregory gave us an introduction and opportunity for each of her students to explain their purpose in attending the National FCCLA conference, a multiple day gathering […]

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The Inexperience Barrier Is Actually An Advantage For The Student Entrepreneur

The inexperience barrier can be a huge roadblock for when corporate job descriptions seem daunting and rely heavily on your school, major, years of experience, and work history. Today’s young professionals are taught and trained conventional routes that make them feel out of reach for these roles, even though the behavioral patterns, values, and work […]

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Billy Sprout Is Fostering the Next Generation of Competitive Gamers

For Billy Sprout, asking what educational or career path you take into esports qualifies as a “wonky question.” And for good reason. Given the newness of the industry, there are few solidified pipelines into the world of competitive gaming. Below, Sprout was kind enough to elucidate the academic degrees and personal qualities he thinks make […]

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Five Jobs for Art Lovers

Let’s say Picasso, O’Keeffe and Warhol are your heroes. You know their work on sight and have even imitated or learned from it in your own art practice. Painting and sculpture don’t exactly seem like contemporary career options, but there’s no reason you can’t put your artistic abilities or knowledge of art history to work for […]

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