You Can Be a Writer, Part I: Starting Down Your Path

Have you ever dreamed of writing for a living? Getting paid to communicate and tell stories through fiction, marketing, criticism, journalism and more? It can absolutely be done, and you can be the one to do it! In Part I of this article, I’ll talk about how to start on your path today, and how […]

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DJ Skee is Shaping the Future of Radio

Scott Keeney, better known as DJ Skee, prides himself on one thing. He “finds a way to make it happen.” The Minnesota native, radio and TV personality, and music executive founded Dash Radio in 2014. He aimed to advance radio past your terrestrial signal and into a new era. Skee has worked with some of […]

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The Key to Success in Real Estate is Putting the People First

Having a college degree is not always your ticket to a big salary. Ashley Hustad started her successful career in real estate almost 14 years ago because of her love for homes and people, and her dislike for college. Hustad decided to pursue her passion away from beaten path and skip university life altogether. Taking […]

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