Five Valuable Career Lessons From Leslie Knope

In between putting out every fire that could possibly start in a city government, Leslie Knope gives us seven seasons of pretty great career advice on Parks & Recreation. As she ascends the professional ladder — from the deputy director of the Pawnee Parks Department to city council woman — Knope left behind not just […]

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DJ Skee is Shaping the Future of Radio

Scott Keeney, better known as DJ Skee, prides himself on one thing. He “finds a way to make it happen.” The Minnesota native, radio and TV personality, and music executive founded Dash Radio in 2014. He aimed to advance radio past your terrestrial signal and into a new era. Skee has worked with some of […]

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The Key to Success in Real Estate is Putting the People First

Having a college degree is not always your ticket to a big salary. Ashley Hustad started her successful career in real estate almost 14 years ago because of her love for homes and people, and her dislike for college. Hustad decided to pursue her passion away from beaten path and skip university life altogether. Taking […]

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Fresh Careers for Foodies (Even If You Don’t Know How to Cook!)

Technology has given the food industry a face lift. In an unprecedented way, social media has the power to ignite food trends, promote restaurants, and discover the next big culinary talent. Sharing on platforms like YouTube and Instagram have broken old barriers to entry, making it easier to share your talents with the world. These […]

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Philip Zach Reflects on His Prolific Music Career and Gets Back to His Artistic Roots

Band practice, tour dates and rock songs made up Philip Zach’s first real career. Starting in 1998 from Lincoln, Nebraska, Zach began playing music with his siblings in the alternative rock band, Remedy Drive. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Zach studied fine arts before going full time with the band in 2001, signing a record deal […]

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Surfers Take the Country by Storm to Protect Their Playground

Many of us are concerned with the state of our environment, and especially the quality of our water. Since its inception in 1984, the Surfrider Foundation has been one of the most active and effective non-profit organizations to tackle the biggest environmental issues that threaten our oceans and beaches. Edward Mazzarella, the Director of Chapters […]

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