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What do you want to be when you grow up?

By now, someone in your life has put this question to you. When you were five, maybe the answer was as lofty as an astronaut or professional baseball player. As you’ve grown older and learned more about yourself, the answer might have changed to a business owner, teacher or tech developer. Or maybe you have no idea! And 10 to 15 years down the road, what will you say then?

It can be a challenge to fit yourself into those kinds of boxes so early in your academic or professional career when so much is unknown. Much easier, perhaps, is identifying what skills you have, what beliefs you hold and what hobbies or interests you’d like to further explore.

It’s more like this: who do you want to be and how do you want to continue growing?

Our Lifestyle Assessment

You’ve probably heard enough times that your unique passion can’t be a job. But in a fast-paced and constantly changing world, is that actually true? Find Your Grind is committed to demonstrating the ever-evolving array of lifestyles and careers today’s young people have to look forward to and helping them get there.

That’s where the Find Your Grind Lifestyle Assessment comes in. It’s an ideal place for you to start thinking about your future self. The survey matches you with various lifestyles — Healer, Entertainer, Connector, Maker, and many more — that correspond with your answers to simple, self-reflective questions. Then, organized on our website are comprehensive career profiles and interviews with professionals that fall within those Lifestyle categories.

The Funnel vs. the Pyramid

This approach toward forecasting your future may seem much different than the one you’re accustomed to. The standard method of life planning involves choosing an ideal career. Once you’ve done that, people seem to think the path is simple: join the right high school clubs, attend the right college, select the right major, nab the right summer internships and maybe grad school after all that. Your resume stacked, you’ve hopefully acquired the skills and talents necessary to land that ideal job you picked for yourself five to seven years ago.

In a perfect world, this “Pyramid Method” says you now live the life you hoped for. But is that true? What if you arrive at the achievement of that goal and find your desires have changed? Instead of asking how you can become, say, a CEO or president of a company, shouldn’t you ask yourself if you’re a Leader? So many characteristics of that lifestyle — teaching ability, discipline, team spirit, critical and big-picture thinking — are compatible with all kinds of careers and even other lifestyles.

Find Your Grind follows a different model — reverse the pyramid. Lifestyle, the broad collection of pursuits and ideals that bring your life meaning, is placed at the top. Think about how you want to live that life, what it looks like both in-career and out. Then, translate that knowledge into the strengths and skills that will serve you in any number of careers that fit your lifestyle.

This site features many in the professional world who made Lifestyle their guiding light. There’s thrill-seeker Frank Carpenter, a small-town Idaho native who caught the surfing bug after a childhood trip to Waikiki’s Big Blue. Knowing he wanted to live by the ocean, he moved to the West Coast post-college, working suit-and-tie jobs to support his blossoming passion for the sport. After another trip to Hawaii, he packed it all up, headed for the Big Island and got a job at Kona Boys, the shop he now owns. Carpenter worked his way up to manager, then stakeholder, then full-on owner of the company — all because he persevered and centered the Lifestyle he wanted.

Or how about Creator Akiko Yamashita, whose Lifestyle revolves around realizing the imagined? She became interested in 3D art design and animation after spending hours on YouTube soaking up every bit of inspiration she could find. She formed groups of like-minded individuals via craigslist and began learning and exchanging skills. She’s now the creative director at Los Angeles design firm VT PRO, making custom light installations for the likes of Nike and Google.

The people in these videos worked hard to earn their stripes. But just as important is your taste for discovery, both of yourself and the world around you.

Click here to take the Find Your Grind Lifestyle Assessment and learn something new about yourself. Then, hear from folks like you who found their grind by pursuing their passions.

*photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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