Find Your Grind for Tennessee

  • FYG covers 95% of the standards in the new Tennessee Student Success Course (6440)
  • FYG can be taught through the Career Exploration (6166) course with 100% alignment in FYG and Career Exploration course standards
  • FYG provides an avenue to teach all embedded career research standards present in Tennessee's CTE programs of study
  • FYG content standards require students to research postsecondary, industry certification, and local course offerings for their desired career path, assisting schools in preparing Tennessee students to count as a Ready Graduate for ESSA accountability measures
  • FYG curriculum teaches personal finance through the lens of career exploration and covers 75% of Tennessee's required Personal Finance (5901) standards
  • FYG can be used to support the career interest inventory policy embedded within the Drive to 55 Initiative

Let Find Your Grind assist you in "Preparing Students for Success".

Find Your Grind curriculum contains...

  • Always up-to-date videos and stories of professionals working in 21st Century careers
  • Exclusive scholarship and mentorship opportunities
  • 180 seat hours of career exploration, personal finance, self-assessment, social/emotional health, and social media safety lessons
  • Four adaptations for full-credit stand-alone courses, half-credit or skinny block time slots, and advisory period setups.
  • Full access to our experts to ask about the lessons, resources, accommodation suggestions, learning extensions, etc.


We've got a curriculum expert standing by to answer your Tennessee-specific questions.