The Find Your Grind Podcast, Episode 11: Season One Finale with The Founders on the future of Find Your Grind


The Find Your Grind podcast is a weekly series hosted by our founders, Nick Gross, Natasha Gross, Mike Smith, and Luke “The Dingo” Trembeth. Each week, we speak with special guests on the first 10% of their personal journey, decisions that led them where they are today, and how they built their ideas from finding their grind. In the Season 1 Finale, Nick, Mike, and Dingo sit down together in Boulder, Colorado, during the first stop of the Fall 2019 FYG U Fest.

In Boulder University, one hour before gates open for the first FYG U fest of Fall 2019, Nick Gross, Mike Smith, and Luke Trembeth sit down to talk about Find Your Grind related news and what the future holds. With 12,000 student RSVPs for the first fest alone, the atmosphere was set for the next hour. The energy between the founders and how they feel about the future look hopeful. 

Recently, Find Your Grind relaunched its website, rebuilding its platform to support its digital curriculum along with the tools and resources educators and students can utilize during their self-discovery and career exploration. With 24-hour access to a mentor library, career pages in emerging industries, updated articles & interviews, and a FREE curriculum, the new Find Your Grind website becomes a one-stop-shop to discover and follow the Lifestyle you want to lead.

During the hour, Nick Gross talks about the next 12 months of Find Your Grind like developing e-courses that will help better prepare and educate students on the gig economy, mental health, and finance. The company will also expand its live events space with the FYG U Fests, Lifestyle Fairs, and supplemental programming for students. 

The common idea between the founders is the excitement towards building a culturally relevant program for kids and the relatable products FYG creates to support their self-discovery. With a curriculum that encourages SEL, the founders discuss the importance of SEL in education spaces and how it helps better prepare students to take a step towards their development. 

As always, nothing can be done without the work of Misfit Educators, who truly emphasize and prepare students through their teaching that, it’s not what you can be but who you can be. Thank you to everyone who has tuned in with the first season of the Find Your Grind podcast and who has integrated the curriculum, Lifestyle Assessment, website, and app into their daily lessons. Stay tuned for the second season of the Find Your Grind podcast!

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