The Find Your Grind Podcast, Episode 3: Casey McPerry and getting your start


The Find Your Grind podcast is a weekly series hosted by our founders, Nick Gross, Natasha Gross, Mike Smith, and Luke “The Dingo” Trembeth. Each week, we speak with special guests on the first 10% of their personal journey, decisions that led them where they are today, and how they built their ideas from finding their grind. In this week’s episode, Nick Gross, Dingo, and Mike Smith sat down with photographer and social media savant Casey McPerry.

A photographer and innovator in social media, Casey McPerry stuck with surrounding himself in his lifestyle that led to a career in photography. From following his passion, Casey created a career for himself through being persistent and always showing up.

Growing up in action sports capitol, Oceanside, CA, Casey discovered quickly that although he enjoyed sports he wouldn’t be going pro. It was then that he found passion in photography because it always gave him access to this world, while having fun towards a craft. Starting with a basic vintage tape camcorder, he captured photos and filmed action sports by sneaking behind the track and stage. He’d always make a plan on how he could get as close to the award ceremony and eventually developed a reputation for being a misfit. Casey continued to show up and be persistent which led to opportunities in traveling with his action sports friends. During his start, he didn’t worry about money, and essentially worked free for 3 years.

You need to really find out what you enjoy doing. Believe in yourself that you can make that into a career. And go out into that industry space. . . Be in the scene and you will build relationships. Don’t get discouraged when you take a “no.” People fail all the time. It’s the ones that keep doing it over and over again that succeed. Go after what you enjoy, because it’ll pay off.

Later, he would work for Transworld Magazine and from the connections he’d meet, began photographing music artists such as Meek Mill, Lil’ Wayne, and Machine Gun Kelly. He took social media by storm by implementing new content ideas such as recap videos. And while these artists and celebrities posted his photos, Casey approached a different way with his own Instagram feed and incorporated a collage aesthetic — treating his page as an evolving art piece. Leading industry brands such as X Games, Redbull, Under Armour, Delta, Samsung, and even Instagram have hired Casey for his vision and innovative approach towards social media.

Throughout Casey’s career path, the common themes in his experience has been showing up, being persistent, and enjoying what he does. He firmly believes in defining your lifestyle which will lead you to a job, living proof of the Find Your Grind ethos.

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