Find Your Grind for Wisconsin

  • FYG can serve as the tool a school uses to fully implement their district’s ACP requirements.
  • FYG covers the personal finance related standards embedded in middle and high school level courses.
  • FYG provides a mentorship component for students through a network of professionals from a wide range of career fields.
  • FYG provides instructional activities that require students to prepare capstone portfolio pieces.

Let Find Your Grind assist you in making "every student college and career ready.”

Find Your Grind curriculum contains...

  • Always up-to-date videos and stories of professionals working in 21st Century careers
  • Exclusive scholarship and mentorship opportunities
  • 180 seat hours of career exploration, personal finance, self-assessment, social/emotional health, and social media safety lessons
  • Four adaptations for full-credit stand-alone courses, half-credit or skinny block time slots, and advisory period setups.
  • Full access to our experts to ask about the lessons, resources, accommodation suggestions, learning extensions, etc.


We've got a curriculum expert standing by to answer your Wisconsin-specific questions.