Find Your Grind is deeply committed to ensuring accessibility in the educational space. Recognizing the diverse needs of students and educators, we continuously implement features and tools to make learning inclusive, engaging, and accessible for all. Here’s how we do that:


Alt Text for Images

Enhances visual content accessibility for visually impaired students.

Closed Captions on Videos

Ensures hearing-impaired students can access video content.

Fully Responsive Design

Adapts to different devices, ensuring seamless access on school based computers, personal tablets and mobile devices.

Text to Speech

Auditory learning for students who prefer or require audio.


Multilingual Support

Offers Spanish language support, catering to non-English speakers.

Accessible and Inclusive Language

Utilizes short sentences, scaffolded learning, and appropriate reading levels for easier comprehension. Also promotes positivity and inclusivity in all communications.

Personalized Videos

Directly addresses students with concise, engaging content that matches their attention span.

Diverse Mentors

Represents a wide range of backgrounds, providing relatable role models.

Relatable Examples

Uses scenarios that resonate with students’ real-life experiences.

Student Mode

Empowers educators to see the learning experience exactly as their students do, removing barriers to understanding and enhancing their ability to tailor instruction.

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