The new way to navigate this ever-changing modern world

Find Your Grind delivers an AI-powered approach to learning, self discovery, and career exploration - helping you understand who you are and where you want to go. In 2021, we’re launching a brand new classroom product:

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Find Your Grind is a fully integrated learning tool that delivers personalized insights about yourself, your skills, and potential careers all in one place. 

It’s all about you

Learning with FYG is fun and addictive, with gamification poured into every activity. Our new products will offer 10,000 minutes of bite-sized activities on topics like self awareness, mindset & balance, and finance.

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Our career library is continuously evolving

We’ve built the most relevant database of careers that represent the future of work. Our library of 350 fastest-growing careers is constantly growing, and delivers up-to-date information on salary, work expectations and more.

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Our network represents the future of work

FYG’s 250 diverse mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and steps to get there. Watch 130+ hours of video content to get a behind-the-scenes look at their journeys.

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Are you an educator or a teacher?

Find Your Grind has a variety of educational products in schools across North America.

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