October 4, 2023 | Harold Hare

Case Study: Empowering Future Ready Educators

Discover how Find Your Grind’s professional development experience delivers a new standard for facilitating an engaging, advocative, reflective, and transformational learning experience.

“What I loved about the professional development today was that we started right at the beginning to figure out the why behind the work that we’re doing.”

– Katie Grothaus, Career Navigator Specialist, Montgomery County Education Service Center

Find Your Grind has recently announced its multi-year partnership with Montgomery County Education Service Center (MCESC) in Dayton, Ohio.  MCESC supports 16 school districts and over 90 educational entities in Ohio. A significant component of our partnership is ensuring all educators are equipped with the tools to help young people navigate the future of work and deliver future-ready competencies to learners in the classroom meaningfully. They provided Find Your Grind’s content team with an all-access pass to one of the professional development days. Watch below to hear testimonials from district leaders and implementing educators alike. 

Educator Interviews

Dr.Kurt Schulze, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, Trotwood-Madison City Schools 

Dr. Schulze serves as the new secondary curriculum coordinator for Trotwood-Madison City Schools after spending the last 5 years in a similar role with Dayton Public Schools. With his educators in the room, Dr. Schulze knew that getting the buy-in from his staff was critical to the success of implementing the Find Your Grind curriculum. Watch his response to our professional development experience and his enjoyment of watching his educators become 100% bought-in, excited, and prepared to bring Find Your Grind to their students. 

Katie Grothaus, Career Navigator, MCESC

Katie is the Career Navigator Specialist for MCESC working directly with area school districts to support their career readiness programming. Katie is a former administrator, spending the last 12 years as the Principal of Northmont City Schools. Her favorite part of the Find Your Grind professional development experience was starting the conversation behind the why of the work educators do to prepare students for their future. 

Greg Hobbs, Middle School Educator 

Before attending the Find Your Grind professional development experience, Greg was skeptical about social-emotional learning and its application to education. Halfway through the day, Greg completely changed his understanding of how social-emotional learning is connected to workforce development. Our Future Ready coach was able to help Greg make connections between Find Your Grind’s use of social-emotional learning and how it can prepare students for life-long success. 

Tamar Fishbein, High School Educator 

Self-discovery is an ongoing process, and part of our professional development experience is to ensure educators can be reminded of their why and connect back to their passions for teaching. Listen to how attending one of our professional development experiences changed how Tamar felt about college and career readiness and how to connect with her students. 

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