A FOX and Friends Feature on Find Your Grind

Nick Gross, founder and CEO of Find Your Grind, talks to FOX and Friends on how Find Your Grind helps high school students prepare for their futures.

Watch below to see the full interview.

An outstanding response, from across the nation

Schools and district inquiries flooded Find Your Grind immediately upon the interview airing. The demand shown from educators across the nation has been incredibly strong, and teams are working tirelessly to support new inquiries from district superintendents, principals, and educators.

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Find Your Grind’s National Presence

The 2021-2022 school year was Find Your Grind’s first year in the market with our new personalized learning product, that prepares students for their future.

“With a presence in over 30 states across the United States, and an ever growing team across the country, Find Your Grind is in our strongest position ever to scale our partnerships and continue to add value to hundreds of districts across the country.”

Nick Gross, Find Your Grind CEO

This global presence map shows how Find Your Grind has built a vast national presence. Going into the 2022-2023 school year, our adoption is continuing to grow at an incredible rate.

Find Your Grind has a presence in the USA, Brazil, and Scotland.

Our US team continues to expand to support customers across the country, and you’ll see us at the following education conferences in the US that are coming up. Reach out to us to arrange a meetup if you’re in attendance:

Skateboard Careers: Tony Hawk guides students through a professional skateboarder career

Check out the GOAT Pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk, an innovator in modern vertical skateboarding!

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.


Tony Hawk gained status as a pro skater by age 14. He often says that his success was unexpected. Growing up, he simply viewed skateboarding as the perfect combination of creativity and athleticism and as an outlet for himself. After graduating from Torrey Pines High School in 1986, Tony Hawk grew committed to learning about others and diversifying communities through a shared love of the sport. He often gifts boards from his own collection to aspiring skaters and sometimes even coaches younger generations of skaters.

“You might not make it to the top, but if you are doing what you love, there is much more happiness there than being rich or famous.”

Tony Hawk, Professional skateboarder and find your grind mentor

In 2002, he created the Tony Hawk Foundation in response to families that expressed frustration at the lack of safe public spaces to skate. The organization has since helped open nearly 600 skateparks across the United States and provided funding for programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. And, in May 2020 it was announced that the Tony Hawk Foundation will be partnering with the Find Your Grind Foundation to build a brand new skatepark in Detroit in 2021.

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Lifestyle First: Understanding the Contributor lifestyle

The world is fast-changing, so let’s shift away from a traditional mindset of life + work.

Find Your Grind brings a lifestyle-first approach to social and emotional learning and career readiness

Students need more than a list of outdated job titles that match a personality type. Instead, they need a framework that changes the way they see themselves in the changing landscape of work.

Find Your grind

Our curriculum, rooted in Social Emotional Learning and reflective practice, helps learners develop greater awareness, gain exposure to careers and industries, and begin the process of designing their ideal lifestyle.

The Find Your Grind curriculum focuses on shifting the traditional mindset.

We’ve been taught to think of the job we want, acquire those strengths, then somehow fit in our lifestyle around that job.

Instead of answering the question, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Let’s start answering the question “who do you want to be?”

This mindset shift all starts with Flipping the Funnel and getting to know yourself—what lifestyle you want to live, what strengths you have, and what job matches both.

The Contributor Lifestyle

Learn how Contributors play a critical role in making projects and big plans come alive.

Contributors work best when collaborating with others. While they have incredible talents, they are sometimes more comfortable in a supportive role or behind the scenes. Contributors are critical to teams, projects, and initiatives because they are skilled at identifying exactly what is missing to give something the finishing touch. This means that contributors often support more than taking the lead.

Contributors are selfless team players with a utilitarian mindset. They care most about filling gaps and adding to an excellent finished product, as opposed to their own agenda.

SEL students view high quality well produced learning videos that inspire them to think differently when it comes to how they approach their future

Lifestyle Insights

Every learner who experiences Find Your Grind takes our proprietary Lifestyle Assessment multiple times throughout the curriculum. We’ve collected thousands of responses from learners, and Contributors represent 1% of learners that use Find Your Grind.

Connectors are a proportion of all Find Your Grind lifestyle assessment responses

All learners using Find Your Grind receive a personalized learning experience unique to them, and for the Contributors they’ll experience careers and mentors that are more highly associated with this lifestyle, resulting in greater learning engagement, and improved learning outcomes across the four capabilities that the Find Your Grind Future Ready Framework deliver on – Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Career Awareness, and Action Awareness.

To read about the learning science and research that supports our curriculum and learning outcomes, please check out our research section here.

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Nutritionist Careers: Sheela Mahdavi guides students through a nutritionist career pathway

Interested in a career in nutrition? Check out how Sheela lives and loves her life as a nutritionist.

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.


“Food heals.” That’s the mantra of nutritionist and school health aide, Sheela Mahdavi. It’s a philosophy that became relevant to Mahdavi when she was diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” as a teenager.

First step: Experiment on yourself. Learn how different foods work with your body. Experience will provide lessons that will enable you to teach others.

Sheela Mahdavi, nutritionist + FIND YOUR GRIND MENTOR

Instead of relying on medication, Mahdavi began experimenting with how different foods made her body feel, swapping out processed or blatantly unhealthy items for fresher, more nutritious options.

Sheela Mahdavi, Nutritionist Lifestyle + Career Readiness Mentor

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