We’re Google Classroom Certified!

Find Your Grind team members are gaining practical experience to demonstrate the need to put you first.

As of 2021, approximately 150 million people use Google Classroom. Our team wants to understand your needs! Not only did we hear your feedback, we saw the need to attain one of the top EdTech Certifications. We went the extra mile to understand Google Classroom integrations by becoming Google Classroom Certified. The training and application-based exam challenges testers to create a Google Workspace and use a wide variety of Google edtech tools in teaching and learning environments. This and successfully becoming Google Classroom Certified gave us even more insights into your needs and how you manage your classes. Building fluency, expertise, and streamlining the process for Find Your Grind Platform onboarding while also building knowledge, awareness, and skills needed alongside your coursework planning and implementation will provide students a transformative learning experience!