Manufacturing Careers: Tamara Gilbert guides students through careers in manufacturing

Tamara Gilbert is a manufacturing business planner at General Motors and an influential advocate for women in manufacturing careers.

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.


Growing up Tamara thought her future was to dance through college and major in ceramic art. An injury rendered her unable to dance, so she was left to figure out what else she could do. Thanks to impactful mentors in her life, she identified talent and skills in problem-solving, superior perception, creative solutions, mathematics, and making things which sparked an interest in manufacturing. She would have never considered such a path or even glanced at the automotive industry before that pivotal point in her life.

Now after 15 years in her career, Tamara has advanced through several positions with General Motors. Starting out as a production floor supervisor in a casting plant, she gained invaluable people skills and learned the true meaning of resilience because she was the youngest employee and one of the only females in the entire facility. Her task was to manage the production of engine casting mold and assembly, but she learned that her job was really to build relationships of trust and respect with her employees in order to be an effective leader.

“I just encourage young people to find a mentor, explore the possibilities that are out there and don’t let your preconceived opinions of things hold you back.”

Tamara Gilbert, GLOBAL PROPULSION SYSTEMS Business planner at General Motors and find your grind mentor

Now, Tamara is a huge advocate for getting young women and girls in manufacturing. Tamara had never considered a career in this field until she identified her relevant skills and learned more about the work. She recognizes that many girls may doubt themselves about being capable of the work but they can actually find success, and even a passion, in manufacturing work.

“[Girls are] brought up thinking, I don’t know how to make things, or I don’t know how to build things or tinker with engines or things. And I would say, just because you’ve not done it, it doesn’t mean you can’t, and that you wouldn’t love it. And so I think it’s really important for females to have a presence in manufacturing because everyone has unique ideas and perspectives.”

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Lifestyle First: Understanding the Educator lifestyle

The world is fast-changing, so let’s shift away from a traditional mindset of life + work.

Find Your Grind brings a lifestyle-first approach to social and emotional learning and career readiness

Students need more than a list of outdated job titles that match a personality type. Instead, they need a framework that changes the way they see themselves in the changing landscape of work.

Find Your grind

Our curriculum, rooted in Social Emotional Learning and reflective practice, helps learners develop greater awareness, gain exposure to careers and industries, and begin the process of designing their ideal lifestyle.

The Find Your Grind curriculum focuses on shifting the traditional mindset.

We’ve been taught to think of the job we want, acquire those strengths, then somehow fit in our lifestyle around that job.

Instead of answering the question, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Let’s start answering the question “who do you want to be?”

This mindset shift all starts with Flipping the Funnel and getting to know yourself—what lifestyle you want to live, what strengths you have, and what job matches both.

The Educator Lifestyle

Learn how Educators build relationships with leadership and inspiration.

Educators are natural leaders who use their influence to inspire the next generation. They can’t help but constantly think about the next steps and organize a plan of action because Educators believe in an optimistic future. Educators know how to listen in order to find common ground. This strategy helps Educators build trust with others who seek guidance.

Educators have an unmatched passion and knowledge of their subject matter. They have the drive to think outside the box and find ways to communicate effectively with lots of learners. Their ability to teach new concepts and simultaneously build community brings them joy. But the real gift for Educators is when they see others engaged and inspired to continue learning.

SEL students view high quality well produced learning videos that inspire them to think differently when it comes to how they approach their future

Educator Mentor & Careers in Find Your Grind

Find Your Grind’s network of mentors share real-life stories and personal experiences to humanize career exploration for students. We also have a diverse and growing library of careers for students to explore and find ones that fit with their skills and lifestyles.

Mentors and careers in the Education lifestyle include:
Patty Herrera – Montessori Farm School Director
Yemi Amu – Aquaponic Farmer
Sheela Mahdavi – Nutritionist

Lifestyle Insights

Every learner who experiences Find Your Grind takes our proprietary Lifestyle Assessment multiple times throughout the curriculum. We’ve collected thousands of responses from learners, and Educators represent 3% of learners that use Find Your Grind.

Educators are a proportion of all Find Your Grind lifestyle assessment responses

All learners using Find Your Grind receive a personalized learning experience unique to them, and for the Educators they’ll experience careers and mentors that are more highly associated with this lifestyle, resulting in greater learning engagement, and improved learning outcomes across the four capabilities that the Find Your Grind Future Ready Framework deliver on – Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Career Awareness, and Action Awareness.

To read about the learning science and research that supports our curriculum and learning outcomes, please check out our research section here.

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