January 28, 2024 | Harold Hare

A New Approach to Professional Development

In a recent study surveying teachers and administrators about their preferences for professional development, it is evident that educators are seeking a shift away from traditional professional development practices. Many educators express discontent with the lack of measurable impact on student achievement and the rigid agendas imposed on them. They argue for a distinction between “professional development” and “professional learning,” with the latter emphasizing engagement in experiences that enhance instructional practices, pedagogical understanding, cultural appreciation, and social-emotional well-being for both educators and students. Professional learning, unlike professional development, is measured by teacher efficacy and student outcomes rather than mere compliance.

Choice and Voice: Empowering Educators

The study by Education Week highlights several key takeaways that educators desire in their professional learning experiences. Firstly, they emphasize the importance of access to various formats of professional learning, including in-person or virtual workshops, book studies, collaborative teaching, and mentoring. Choice and voice are crucial, with educators preferring programs guided by knowledgeable facilitators who understand both content and the district’s unique needs. Additionally, leveraging local talent is recommended to provide ongoing support beyond one-time workshops. Finally, educators stress the need for professional learning that goes beyond academic programs, addressing the mental health and well-being of staff and reducing additional responsibilities that may overwhelm them. In essence, educators are eager to engage in meaningful and authentic professional learning experiences that cater to their specific needs and contribute positively to their practice and their students’ growth.

Empowering Educators with Future Ready Learning

Consider a certified learning course that offers educators an opportunity to level up their future readiness. This professional development experience provides best practices, instructional strategies, and inspiring interactions that educators can immediately apply in their classrooms. These strategies are designed to engage learners in meaningful discussions and classroom-based activities, preparing both students and educators for the future. Regardless of classroom dynamics, preparation, planning, or engagement levels, the covered best practices and strategies can be seamlessly integrated into every classroom.

The Path to Becoming a Certified Future Ready Educator

Future Ready Educator training redefines the paradigm of teaching with its transformative experience focused on engagement, advocacy, and reflection. This isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing journey, woven into the very fabric of classroom culture, curriculum, and future success. By the end, participants will harness a future-ready perspective, guided by their personalized Future Ready Educator Ethos statement, as they hone self-reflection, critical thinking, and a growth mindset. This translates to deeper connections with students and an invigorated teaching experience. Completion of the program rewards educators with a certificate and a Level 1 Certified Future Ready Educator badge, showcasing their dedication to empowering students for tomorrow.

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