September 5, 2021

A Recap of Find Your Grind’s Lifestyle Fair

The Find Your Grind Lifestyle Fair helped students explore their next steps.

This past Fall, hundreds of students and their teachers gathered at The Bay in Lincoln, Nebraska, to participate in Find Your Grind’s inaugural Lifestyle Fair. College and Career Fairs have been around since the 50s, and they haven’t really changed since. But the world is changing, and the opportunities available to students are changing, but the ways they discover those opportunities aren’t. The Find Your Grind (FYG) Lifestyle Fair is a reimagining of career fairs that will help students explore their next steps in today’s 21st Century world. This experiential program will take self-discovery and career exploration at another level by engaging students with industries, companies, colleges, and mentors through activations, networking, and live panels. Unlike standard career and college fairs, the FYG Lifestyle Fair takes on a hands-on approach that’s reflective of the FYG curriculum — preparing students for life outside of the classroom.

The inaugural FYG Lifestyle Fair featured college life networking, 3 live panels hosted by Mike Smith, and activations from local brand partners representative of the 16 Find Your Grind Lifestyles and demonstrated how life inside their institution can create different lifestyle opportunities in the future. Upon entering, students were directed to collect wristbands of their top 3 Lifestyles resulted through the FYG Lifestyle Assessment. Students were then welcome to roam around each brand partner activation, meet with colleges, or attend panels that each represented the Lifestyles.

FYG Lifestyle Fairs aim to inspire students to discover their passions and explore how they can turn them into careers. With a range of activations from building a shed, learning about brand identity, taking a fitness test, visiting a converted van, to learning how to DJ — students had a variety of exploration points and gained knowledge about constantly evolving industries.

Find Your Grind plans to launch a nationwide high school tour of “Lifestyle Fairs” in 2020, re-inventing the traditional career fair experience. The FYG Lifestyle Fairs will engage students across the country in discussions about self-discovery and career exploration and will include career fair-style opportunities in which local businesses, vendors, and strategic partners can participate.

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