April 27, 2022 | Jay Stansell

April Activities Activated!

The learning team at Find Your Grind has hit the second quarter hard with new content for learners. This quarter we’re focusing on new in-demand content:

  • Triple the Find Your Grind Lifestyle Knowledge! We’re tripling the number of learning activities for the Find Your Grind lifestyles, giving learners and educators the most comprehensive view yet of what each lifestyle is all about.
  • 30 New Female Mentors! We’ve invested heavily across all industries to bring more females to the Find Your Grind mentor roster.
  • 100+ New Skill Development Activities! Our technology enables us to help learners discover skills they never knew they had. We’re going broader and deeper than ever on creating new activities that build knowledge on a massive range of skills, many of which are power skills that transcend industries and careers.
  • 90 New Mentor Activities: We’re adding 90 new activities across the existing Find Your Grind mentors list. Learners and educators love the way our mentors humanize careers and experiences and use real stories that bring the Find Your Grind Lifestyles to life.
  • Brand New Industries Section! Building industry knowledge has been significantly demanded, so we’ll be launching 24 new activities dedicated to delivering new industry-based knowledge.
  • New Summative Assessments! Empowering more future-ready learners is what we focus on every day at Find Your Grind. Our new summative assessments take our curriculum further and create drive and motivation for learners to demonstrate they have acquired the knowledge to become future-ready.

We’ve made huge advances already! For existing customers, all of the new learning activities below are available today in your Find Your Grind classes. If you’re not a customer and would like more information on our social-emotional learning and career readiness learning activities, please contact us.

April 2022: Triple the lifestyle knowledge for 8 of the Find Your Grind Lifestyles

Lifestyles identification and understanding sits at the core of the Find Your Grind curriculum. Our 100+ mentors can attest that identifying your lifestyle is key to living the life you’ll love and a career you’ll adore. In April, we’ve tripled the number of learning activities for eight of the Find Your Grind Lifestyles, with the rest coming very soon. Learners and educators can now discover triple the amount of learning knowledge, reflection, and actionable steps to start a purposeful lifestyle journey for the following Find Your Grind Lifestyles:

  • The Analyzer
  • The Competitor
  • The Connector
  • The Contributor
  • The Creator
  • The Educator
  • The Entertainer
  • The Entrepreneur

April 2022: 4 brand new female Find Your Grind mentors

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.

We made it our mission at the end of 2021 to invest heavily in bringing a whole new roster of female mentors to Find Your Grind for 2022. We’ve been out hunting the very best of talent across the industries, and we’re extremely excited to be sharing our first four new Find Your Grind female mentors.

Introducing Brittany Isenhour: Professional Soccer Player

Brittany Isenhour is a professional soccer player for Angel City Football Club in Los Angeles, CA. She started playing soccer at the age of three in her hometown of Littleton, CO. After watching the US Women’s National Team in Littleton, she realized her dream of playing soccer for a living could be a reality.

In the video below, you’ll get a sneak peek of just one of many videos about Brittany. Every Find Your Grind mentor takes our proprietary Lifestyle Assessment, where they are matched to one of sixteen find Your Grind Lifestyles. In this video, Brittany talks about her Find Your Grind Lifestyle matches and what they mean to her.

Brittany Isenhour: Professional Soccer Player, talking about her Find Your Grind lifestyle matches and what they mean to her.

Learn more about Brittany by logging into Find Your Grind.

Introducing Ali Mullen: Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Ali Mullen: Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Ali is a celebrity fashion stylist in Los Angeles, CA. She always wanted to do something in fashion but wasn’t sure how to do it until she jumped into work and internships and climbed her way up. She’s now successfully working on her own with clients, mainly in the music industry, and continues growing her roster. She thrives on working through the chaos of multiple projects and always strives to get the work done.

Learn more about Ali by logging into Find Your Grind.

Introducing Amy Keller: Co-Founder & CEO of a Climate and Sustainability Company

Amy Keller: Co-Founder & CEO – Climate and Sustainability

Amy Keller has spent her career working on environmental initiatives to save the planet. She is also very focused on health and well-being as a 7-time Ironman and ultra-marathoner in which nutrition is a very important part of the sport. While she was cross country skiing across the Arctic, the idea of PurePlus+ was formed – a company that would illuminate the power of fruits and vegetables to restore the health of people and the planet.

Learn more about Amy by logging into Find Your Grind.

Introducing Ari Wright: Venture Capitalist 

Ari Wright: Venture Capitalist 

Growing up in Oakland, CA, Ari felt she never had any real passions or talents. She started running cross-country her freshman year of high school and it changed her life. She loved the structure that it gave her and that translated into every other aspect of her life and helped her excel in school. Ari ended up getting recruited to compete in college and was a competitive college athlete. She loved challenging herself and chose to study what she heard was ‘the hardest major’, Biomedical Engineering. She wasn’t great at math or science, but really loved pushing herself and wanted to solve big problems in the world. She did a graduate program in Engineering Green Technology and worked for a Venture Capital firm investing in start-ups transforming our energy system and tackling climate change.

Learn more about Ari by logging into Find Your Grind.

April 2022: 22 new skills activities

The Find Your Grind product enables students to identify skills and talents they have, but may not be aware of. Our unique skills identification technology engages students using a fun, Gen-Z-focused approach. The learning journey then continues on allowing students to learn more about and how to develop their newly-discovered skills. In April, we’ve launched more learning activities across the following skills:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Editing
  • Dexterity
  • Detailed
  • Dependable
  • Dedication
  • Data Analysis
  • Cultural Competence
  • Courage
  • Content Creation
  • Conservation
  • Confidentiality
  • Coding
  • Causing Disruption
  • Business Savvy
  • Bushcraft
  • Building & Mechanical Skills
  • Balance
  • Autonomy
  • Architecture
  • Analysis
  • Abstract Thinking

For existing customers, all of the new learning activities are available today in your Find Your Grind classes. If you’re not a customer and would like more information on our social-emotional learning and career readiness learning activities, please contact us.

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