July 26, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

Beyond a Grade

Learning should be personal. 

What students take away at the end of a curriculum should be more than a grade. In order to directly support that effort, Find Your Grind learning outcomes have been designed to answer these questions for learners: 

  • Why am I doing this? 
  • Why do I need to learn this? 
  • How is this relevant to me? 
  • What am I going to learn next? 

Approaching learning in this manner enables learners to design their own future! And now, that future is captured in the form of key takeaways aligned to each of the four future-ready competencies (self awareness, social awareness, career awareness, and action awareness). 

Presenting the About Me section on the students’ portfolio! 

Personalized About Me for each student

How does it work?

Students engage with the curriculum in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Choosing badges to explore on their own
  • Rating badges
  • Requesting specific types of content
  • Engaging with the curriculum
  • Responding to questions

Based on these inputs, the platform synthesizes the data and, in real-time, maps the personalized results onto each of the four future-ready competencies–ending with the taking action competency–empowering students’ to live their most authentic life.

Some examples of statements that will come to life for students, based on their unique learning experience, include:

  • What type of working environments they will thrive in
  • How they will be happiest and most fulfilled
  • Common education paths for them to consider
  • And more!

Igniting conversations today!

Teachers, school counselors, and parents can all benefit from seeing this portrayal of the student. An instant conversation starter, students can proudly (and easily) share this unique, personalized information that they have learned about themselves with those who are important to them. 

Life is a journey, and the About Me section captures key moments along the way, providing documented takeaways for the student throughout the learning experience.

To learn more about Find Your Grind’s personalized ‘About Me’ content for students, contact us.

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