March 24, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Changing the Conversation: A Principals New Approach to Preparing Students for the Future

Principal Doug Kittle has been around. He has seen it all. As the education landscape changes, specifically in how high schools help students navigate their post-secondary path, Find Your Grind has been the curriculum he relies on to support his staff in meeting the new demands. For Doug, it is all about helping students find their why.

“It has changed the way we advise our students and the courses they take and what happens after they graduate from here”

-Principal Doug Kittle, Aurora High School

As we prepare students for the future of work and the rapidly changing world they are entering, educational leaders like Doug are shifting away from the “four-year college, four-year college” focus to put a greater emphasis on the best individual path for a student through who they are and the directions they are most passionate about. The new focus is helping students figure out what kind of lifestyle they want to live and how they make that work.

How Find Your Grind changes the conversation for students:

Students that are preparing for careers today and the future of work need more than just a list of jobs that might fit their personality type. What they truly need is a framework that helps to guide them through a life-long process of self-discovery. Today’s youth need to be prepared to meet future changes and challenges as they appear throughout their lives.

The Lifestyle Assessment and the corresponding curriculum Find Your Grind has been designed with this evolutionary approach in mind. This system combines self-discovery with usable tools for continual personal and professional development. Specifically, this experience will:

  • Assist students with discovering their unique combination of traits from 16 different Lifestyles
  • Guide students to develop greater self-awareness of their own identity through a process of self-discovery and reflection
  • Help students determine how their traits can be understood and developed to create a personalized, meaningful career path
  • Give teachers and students alike an idea of both strengths and opportunities for growth that can be addressed to promote growth
  • Begin the journey to a greater understanding of who students are now and who they want to become

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