November 1, 2022 | Bryan Wanzer

Climate and Sustainability Careers: Amy Keller guides students through careers in entrepreneurship and climate and sustainability

Amy Keller is co-founder & CEO of PurePlus+ which upcycles fruits and vegetables into candy and tells her story to students.

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Amy Keller has spent her career working on environmental initiatives to save the planet. She is also very focused on health and well-being as a 7-time ironman and ultra-marathoner in which nutrition is a very important part of the sport. While she was cross-country skiing across the Arctic, the idea of PurePlus+ was formed – a company that would illuminate the power of fruits and vegetables to restore the health of people and the planet.

“Be the change you want to see in the world. Where there is a vision the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

Amy Keller, Co-founder and CEO of PurePlus and find your grind mentor

Amy has had a winding path through a few different careers. She attributes her success to the mentors she found along the way and looks to give back in the same way.

“With all that experience along the way, it’s allowed me to find different mentors. So each of those different categories I was involved with, I found an amazing group of people that have mentored me. And I want to make sure that as a female entrepreneur, that I can do the same and give back in that way.”

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