January 24, 2023 | Jay Stansell

Demonstrated Learning

At Find Your Grind, we are as passionate about the science of learning as we are about our curriculum and content.

Our Customer Success team was recently given permission to share two incredible examples from 9th grade students in schools who have adopted Find Your Grind, regarding how the curriculum has helped them develop.

Future Proofing with student Micole

Micole’s Future-Proofing poster overviews and reflects both Find Your Grind’s effective learning outcomes and future ready outcomes in one quick view.

Find Your Grind’s research-informed learning design guides learners to master future-proofing skills and mindset.

When so much is competing for students’ attention, learners thrive with experiences designed for attention enhancement and with self-awareness in mind. Find Your Grind learning design reduces unnecessary learning distractions and facilitates more frequent healthy breaks freeing up more energy for deep learning. 

Each unit enhances attention and engagement with learning science-informed strategies such as:

  • similar learning patterns to increase learning mystery,
  • transparent learning outcomes to increase learning awareness,
  • limited new learning in bite-sized pieces to support flexibility, knowledge attainment, and deep understanding, and
  • focus on students’ interests through self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-directed exploration. 
A real example from a Find Your Grind student on how the curriculum has guided them to be future ready.

Self Awareness and Future Ready Preparation with Emely

Emely’s poster also reflects both Find Your Grind’s effective learning outcomes and future ready outcomes in one quick view.

Find Your Grind’s Future Ready Framework outlines four competencies—self awareness, social awareness, career awareness, and action awareness—that introduce relevant outcomes to prepare students for life, no matter what pathway and lifestyle they choose, and strengthen future-proofing pathways along with the primary focus of college and career readiness, academic skills, career knowledge, and college knowledge.

A real example from a student on personal insights and actions they have developed through using Find Your Grind.

As you can see, Find Your Grind has a demonstrable impact on outcomes for students.

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