October 23, 2023 | Harold Hare

Empowering Multilingual Discovery

In order to serve the diverse backgrounds of our vibrant community, we’re introducing a new feature that will further break down barriers in the lifestyle-first movement: Find Your Grind en Español!

The essence of Find Your Grind is profoundly rooted in our symbiotic relationship between data-driven methodologies and real human experiences. The launch of the Spanish version celebrates not just a linguistic expansion, but a broadening of our user feedback loop, combining quantitative data with qualitative insights.

Every click, every self discovery moment, every new introduction to an emerging career by students is more than just a data point; it’s a voice, a preference, a testimony of their learning journey. With the introduction of Find Your Grind en Español, we’re not just translating content; we’re removing linguistic boundaries to invite new perspectives, stories, and feedback from Spanish-speaking students.

Humans + Data = Success

But what makes Find Your Grind truly unique is our commitment to intertwining this data with real, heartfelt user feedback. It’s about balancing the scales—understanding that behind every data point is a real student with unique aspirations, challenges, and needs. We listen to the stories our data tells us, but we also listen to the direct feedback from our learners. What are their hopes? What obstacles do they face? What content resonates with them, and why? They are the reason we are bringing Spanish to the Find Your Grind experience! Through this powerful fusion of data and direct user feedback, Find Your Grind en Español will continue to be co-created together with our community of teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

Get ready to explore, discover, and grow with Find Your Grind en Español. The future is diverse, and so is our platform. ¡Adelante, exploradores!

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