October 17, 2022 | Jay Stansell

Entrepreneur.com: “We live in a new world, and forcing old ways of thinking is never the best path to progress.”

Find Your Grind CEO Nick Gross recently spoke with business strategist, journalist, and best-selling author of Breakthrough, Scott Duffy for Entrepreneur.com on how to help your GenZ kid find success.

Scott Duffy from Entrepreneur.com investigates how to help your GenZ kid find success.

The majority of Gen Zers have already begun saving for retirement and 62% said they have started — or plan to start — their own businesses. Meanwhile, a recent Harvard Business School study found that more companies are dropping four-year degrees from their hiring requirements. Yet a majority of Gen Z kids feel pressured to attend college, even after they show interest in alternative career pathways.

Scott Duffy, Entrepreneur.com

The trend change is noticeable, and at Find Your Grind, our Future Ready Framework compliments the needs of Gen Z by taking a step back from college paths, and instead, first spending time on self awareness and social awareness.

Duffy writes, “Self-awareness is key to well-being, and as career paths become more aligned with purpose, this skill has never been more critical.” This is why our curriculum starts with a focus on developing self-awareness competencies.

What’s strikingly different about Find Your Grind, from any other social and emotional or career readiness tool, is our ability to help students identify different lifestyle matches that match their future lifestyle needs. This then ensures students spend time investigating what careers will bring them purpose, not just what pays the most based on academic performance alone.

To read the full article on Entrepreneur.com head here.

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