April 11, 2022 | Jay Stansell

Exciting New Features Launched!

We listened to our educator and learner community and added new features to enhance the Find Your Grind learning experience.

At Find Your Grind, we take feedback seriously. We treat every interaction with educators as an opportunity to listen and improve our product. We strive to design learning and product outcomes to meet the needs of every learner and educator.

We launched a number of key features in March 2022 to enhance the Find Your Grind learning experience. If you are interested in participating in a demo for any of these features or want to chat about how to best implement them, please contact us.

What you’ll find in more detail below:

District Administration Launched!

District-level administration has been highly requested and is critical for Find Your Grind. We’ve been researching with district administrators since October 2021 on what a district administration utility could look like, and this is now available for all.

Critical for the successful implementation and monitoring of districts is our District Insights feature. This feature provides aggregate level district insights for future-readiness, lifestyle insights, mentor insights, skill insights, career insights, and curriculum insights.

District Administration Dashboard from Find Your Grind

Authentication using Google Single Sign-On (SSO) Launched!

Our first authentication mechanism, ‘Magic Link’ enabled any educator or learner to sign in without having to remember yet another password. This ensured access management was touchless for educators and administrators. However, for a large number of schools and districts, Google is the preferred access mechanism. As of March, your school or district can now access Find Your Grind using Google Single Sign-On. This gives you full control over what educators and learners can access on Find Your Grind in your Google Admin console.

Datapoint Powerups

Our lifestyles matching algorithm sits at the core of the Find Your Grind personalization engine. We’ve leveled up by showing learners why we’ve smart-matched them to careers and mentors they see first.

Within our elective content, learners will now see the lifestyle smart-matches of their mentors.

Elective content – Mentors and their Find Your Grind Lifestyle match

Within our elective career exploration content, learners will also find what careers are matched to each lifestyle.

Elective content – Careers and their Find Your Grind Lifestyle match

More Career Insights

We spent many hours between October and December 2021 in research sessions with educators and learners to pinpoint the most important information to include for careers. Knowing more about a career before undertaking a learning activity was highly desired, so now, for every career, you’ll find critical key career insights on the learning activity overview screen.

Find Your Grind career learning activity overview

Career Stories Learners Love

Humanizing careers has always been a strong differentiator between Find Your Grind and everyone else. We’ve spent hundreds of hours recording incredible life and careers stories from professionals all over the United States. Now, when learners access a career summary, they can see mentors to further study, later on, giving them more than your standard O*net career data.

Influence the Direction of the Find Your Grind Roadmap

Since our inception, Find Your Grind has been driven by our customers’ needs. We’ve racked up hundreds of hours of research sessions that drive our prioritization and product development approach.

We’ve now taken this one step further by empowering learners and educators with the ability to request more of what they are loving. When you see this button at the end of a learning activity and you have found the content has had an impact, click Request more content, and we will use this data to prioritize what our learning science and instructional design teams work on next.

Find Your Grind empowers customers to drive future learning content creation

That’s a wrap! As always, please reach out to us using the chat icon in the bottom right, or contact us if you’d like to understand more about how Find Your Grind is contributing to a more future-ready generation with our curriculum rooted in social and emotional learning (SEL) and career readiness.

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