May 12, 2022 | Jay Stansell

Feature Focus: Class Insights for Future and Career Readiness

Find Your Grind’s proprietary class insights ensure educators are able to make rapid decisions in their teaching journey

At Find Your Grind, we work closely every quarter with educators from all over the country. We spend time listening to their view on the industry and in qualitative research sessions and we share new feature propositions to understand if they would create value for educators and students.

In this feature-focused article, we share some of the details of why this feature adds value, and insights we’ve gained from working closely with educators.

Insights, not data

With nearly 50% of the Find Your Grind team coming from an educator background, we learned early on in our product development that educators are time-poor and prefer insights, not data in order to make rapid improvements to the way they teach.

Through our qualitative user experience testing sessions, we also discovered that data visualizations, while pretty, can sometimes lack clarity on how to interpret data.

So our first prototype, when researching how to create value around class-based insights for educators, was a simple text-based approach that aimed to bring the raw insight to the educator:

An early prototype during the research phase of class-based insights development

Using feedback from our research participants, we developed our prototype further and finally introduced class-based insights for our educators.

Insights Launch

Through our research-based approach to product discovery, we identified the following critical insight themes:

  • Future Ready Insights provide guidance for educators on the future readiness of their learners
  • Mentor Insights supports educators in creating new in-class conversations around common cohorts of learners
  • Lifestyle Insights illustrate the diversity of lifestyle directions for learners and share how different their personalized experiences may be
  • Career Insights brings a whole new conversation to the old career clusters chat. With Find Your Grind, educators and learners get to learn from videos featuring the Find Your Grind mentors, that bring careers to life and humanize the path to success
  • Curriculum Insights illustrate where learners are most engaged in the curriculum and where opportunities for extra focus are
Find Your Grind product insights give educators, administrators, and students a set of unique learning outcome measurements

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