August 5, 2021

Find Your Grind partners with Flipgrid to empower student voice

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that Find Your Grind has partnered up with interactive social learning platform, Flipgrid!

Through this partnership, we aim to ignite engagement through curated discussion prompts. Each topic features FYG co-founder, Mike Smith, who will be exploring topics anywhere from self-discovery, financial literacy, mental health, to building your brand.

Find Your Grind’s discussion prompts not only encourages student voice and promotes community within the classroom, but also supports Flipgrid’s mission in implementing technology and innovative practices of learning. Our topics are heavily rooted in self reflection, and is just one of the ways we embed and practice social and emotional learning in our content and curriculum. In each FYG prompt, teachers are able to integrate into their classroom — supporting a student’s growth mindset, build character, and practice mindfulness through positive goal setting and managing emotions. These developed skills are transferable in guiding students and young adults in managing their career path, hitting financial goals, and valuing relationships.

In an Instagram Live interview between Flipgrid and FYG, Mike Smith shares how our prompts change the narrative in preparing the future of the youth of today through empowerment:

“Every textbook hasn’t been able to catch up. Every piece of curriculum hasn’t been able to catch up. Teachers are caught between content that they know is old and the lifestyle that young people want — which is today. And there aren’t a lot of resources in between. So our biggest passion is helping teachers to create conversations and moments in a classroom where they can help a young person find what’s next.”

Starting August 1st, FYG has 21 prompts available for misfit educators to integrate into their lesson plans, and are all available in Flipgrid’s Disco Library.

Here are the titles/subjects of our topics:

  • Discovering What You Want To Be
  • Making Money Moves
  • Can I Be Your Hero?
  • Building Mental Health
  • Who Do You Want To Be?
  • Start Following Your Dreams Today!
  • What’s Your Brand?
  • Who You Know > What You Know
  • Do You Have Good Sleeping Habits?
  • We Can Learn From Our Superheroes
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Find A Job You Luv
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With No
  • The Life You Lead
  • The Best School Year Ever
  • Every Job Counts
  • The Find Your Grind Funnel
  • Less Phone, More Life!
  • Savings Tricks
  • Failures to Successes

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