January 27, 2023 | Liz McCardle

Find Your Grind’s Outcomes-based Learning

Our take on outcomes-based learning. 

Why we value outcomes-based learning 

Find Your Grind’s framework for outcomes-based learning drives the learning of knowledge and its impact through experiences and self-reflection. It is designed to guide learners to create opportunities for themselves in their lives and in the world of work. The outcomes-based learning framework engages learners by providing relevance through self-discovery concepts and career exploration.

Find Your Grind prioritizes learning outcomes to focus on intended goals and align teaching, learning, and assessment to maximize the likelihood that learners will achieve their desired outcomes and become future-ready.  We believe it’s critical to design learning experiences that are functional and user-friendly. We focus on how these experiences work and why we’re creating them in the first place. 

To help guide us, we live by our Find Your Grind Learning Design Principles:  

  • Relevant – relatable, it resonates with users current and aspirational selves and reflects user experience research and insights
  • Intuitive – direct and obvious, easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to apply the message
  • Engaging – no experience is any longer than it has to be, and users stay engaged because of efficiency
  • Inspiring – promote agency for our users’; models strategies for inspiring solution design and application of concepts as life strategies
  • Insightful – promote learning as something novel; be it a new concept, new perspective, or new insight 
  • Applied – reflective and action-oriented; promotes exploration, experimentation, iteration, and adaptation

Where are the Learning Outcomes?

We have designed the Find Your Grind experience to measure learning by defining outcomes for each unit and activity. The learning outcomes can be found under each Unit Title as both students and educators explore the curriculum and classwork experience. The completion and collection of badges measure progress toward each outcome.

We are solution designers who help our learners design their futures.

Advantages of FYG outcomes-based learning

For learners, effective learning outcomes: 

  • make it easier for learners to set learning goals
  • tell learners what they should know and what they should be able to do
  • tell learners what is important
  • help learners focus and not waste their time
  • help learners make relevant connections

For educators, effective learning outcomes: 

  • organize content
  • provide an opportunity for reflection on the content – is the content relevant and valuable?
  • develop intentional lesson plans
  • help in choosing the best teaching strategies
  • give clear direction for assessment development 

Risks without outcomes-based learning

Experiences without outcomes lead to:

  • unclear direction for teaching and learning
  • lessons without value 
  • confused learners
  • failure to reach all learners at their learning level and style
  • learners who memorize but don’t internalize content
  • the educator’s inability to assess learners’ understanding

Outcomes drive the impact and learning of content

Learning outcomes are a crucial part of the design of Find Your Grind learning content. The outcomes drive learning forward by engaging learners through groundbreaking and relevant content that builds knowledge and skills. The learning outcomes encourage learners to forge concepts, see pathways, and create opportunities through self-discovery and career exploration.  

Examples of Find Your Grind Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your passions and interests and compare and contrast how they align with your current and desired lifestyle
  • Describe the positive and negative aspects of career disruption and how you can prepare for it
  • Demonstrate the ability to write an elevator pitch
  • Explain changes in the future of work related to automation
  • Apply the Find Your Grind Funnel, critical thinking, and self-reflection to embark on a mindset commitment for self-discovery and career exploration

Summative Assessments 

All learning outcomes are assessed in the unit summative assessment badge at the end of the units. Each question is tied to one of the learning outcomes assessing and motivating learners to be the navigator of their own journey as well as providing you a benchmark. 

Are Find Your Grind’s Future Ready Indicator (FRI) and Future Ready Framework outcomes-based?

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