October 17, 2023 | Harold Hare

Find Your Grind’s Partnership Support and Professional Development

Find Your Grind is committed to creating incredible learning experiences for students rooted in science-based learning design, delivered through cutting-edge technology, and intuitive to use in any setting. However, we understand the challenges of incorporating new resources and are here to support you. With any of the Find Your Grind subscriptions, we partner with each partner team to deliver: 

Professional Development 

Professional Learning for all Educators

Find Your Grind provides high-quality, comprehensive, and effective professional development for educators and administrators. Participants will stay up-to-date on current future ready trends while developing new skills to apply a new standard for facilitating an engaging, advocative, reflective, and transformational learning experience. Find Your Grind’s professional development experience is based on our research-based Future Ready Learning Framework. Learn more about our professional development offerings here or connect with our team today to bring this experience to your educator community!

Partnership Support

Included in all subscriptions of Find Your Grind 

  • Administrative Training (30 minutes): During our administrative training, the customer success team will work with school leaders to discuss the most effective implementation, set goals, and personalize the Find Your Grind learning experience. This training will also include a complete walk-through of the administrative data available and how this information might drive instruction at the administrators’ site(s). During this time we also plan touchpoints and set milestones together.
  • Teacher Training (60 minutes): Find Your Grind’s customer success team will lead an engaging and interactive session with implementing teachers to ensure they are comfortable getting started. During this training, educators will be provided a complete walk-through of their dashboards, practice creating classes, scheduling course work, tracking progress, generating grades, reviewing student profiles, and implementing best practices in the curriculum. 
  • Live Chat Support and Support Articles: If your educators need support now, Find Your Grind provides embedded chat support where educators can reach out with specific questions or technical support. Educators can access our support library of articles through this chat portal.
  • Teacher Support Materials: Educators are provided with supporting materials to enhance their implementation of Find Your Grind. This includes supporting documents to enrich their experience while also guiding educators through best practices for introducing new content. Each unit has a lesson plan that suggests engagement strategies for the classroom, reflective prompts for deeper engagement, and more. 
  • Mid-Year Check-In with Administrators and Teachers (60 minutes): We will review the successes and challenges of the first 6 months of the contract agreement. Find Your Grind will share impact reporting data to help you understand the implementation, use, and impact of the learning experience. This will allow both teams to dive deeper into student growth and success and plan for continued partnership. 
  • End-of-the-Year Check-In (60 minutes): Similar to the mid-year check-in, we will review Find Your Grind’s implementation during the school year. We will document learnings for future reference and review impact data from the year. This will allow both teams to dive deeper into student growth and success and plan for continued partnership. 
  • On-going Account Management: Each of our partners will have a designated Customer Success Manager to lean on for support. Administrators and teachers can access their Customer Success Manager through email, phone, and video support. 

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