January 26, 2024 | Harold Hare

Georgia’s Students Mapping Their Own Pathway to Future Readiness

Charting the Course: Middle School Journey – A Gateway to Self-Discovery and Success

Embarking on an exhilarating secondary journey, Georgia students discover their path to success through the transformative experience of Find Your Grind. This exciting adventure commences in 6th grade, where our unique approach aligns seamlessly with the three middle school career development classes, laying the foundation for the holistic development of the whole child.

Imagine this: as students embark on their middle school journey, they are not just stepping into classrooms; they are stepping into a realm of self-discovery and potential. Our innovative curriculum doesn’t just educate; it sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for exploring the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

In this crucial phase of adolescence, Find Your Grind becomes more than a program – it’s a guiding companion shaping the secondary years for students. The curriculum, aligned with middle school career development classes, creates an engaging space for students to identify their interests, strengths, and aspirations.

As the middle school journey unfolds, students become active participants in crafting their future. The 6th-grade initiation marks the beginning of a narrative that transcends traditional education. It’s a journey that leads them to a pivotal moment in 8th grade – a quality conversation with their counselor that sets the stage for their high school endeavors.

Navigating Futures: Impact on Employability Skills, Career Pathways, and Beyond

Drawing inspiration from successful collaborations with districts like Greene County School System, Find Your Grind ensures students refine their employability skills as part of course standard 1 in all Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) classes. And for districts like Douglas County School System, offering the Workforce Ready Career Pathway, fear not – we have you covered with alignment to all three classes as part of this dynamic pathway.

Fast forward to 11th or 12th grade, where students have the golden opportunity to dive into a Work-Based Learning (WBL) experience. Thanks to their groundwork in Find Your Grind throughout high school, they’re not just finding opportunities; they’re matching them to who they are. This sets them up for a high-quality WBL experience, a perfect blend of personal and professional growth.

As these students grow, both personally and in confidence, in preparation for graduation, they embody all six characteristics of the profile of a Georgia CTAE graduate. Graduating armed with self-awareness, social awareness, career awareness, and action awareness, they are truly prepared for the futures they aspire to.

“[What students require is] that reflection piece, where it’s not just about the academics…but [about] those soft skills and Find Your Grind is something that they need”

– Dr. Patrick Delaney, Teacher at Forsyth County, Georgia

Charting Destinies: Find Your Grind’s Odyssey of Growth, Empowerment, and Future Readiness

In this engaging journey with Find Your Grind, Georgia students are not just navigating classrooms; they’re navigating their destinies. The story unfolds with each grade, each class, and each opportunity – a narrative of growth, empowerment, and readiness for the future. Join us on this adventure as we shape a generation of leaders who are not only academically equipped but also confident and prepared to conquer the evolving world that awaits them. The future is bright, and Find Your Grind is lighting the way!

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