September 16, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

Going Beyond Clicks

Read. Click. Zone out. Click. Day dream. Click. Skim. Click. Done. Wait…done??

The power to guide a student’s approach to life may be the greatest responsibility given to educators. The potential for impact is monumental, yet teachers are currently faced with a daunting reality – the pandemic has imparted serious setbacks for students, especially on the social and emotional well-being front. Students need more support and encouragement than ever. Students need to build their confidence as they find their voice while learning about themselves. But most importantly, students need to be able to express themselves

Student prompt

Find Your Grind can help you hear student voices (even without the sometimes intimidating raising of the hand)! Integrated throughout the curriculum, students encounter prompts along the way that really get to the heart of the subject matter. Gone are the days of simply reading and clicking. Say hello to real engagement and higher-order thinking! Gamification plays a big role in reaching and engaging with Gen-Z students, but it shouldn’t sacrifice learning outcomes in the process. With true student reflection and short answer formative assessments embedded into a gamified product, Find Your Grind students get the best of both worlds.

After students respond to prompts, teachers can easily see those new responses, contextually, associated with each student. Talk about insights! As students progress through the curriculum, teachers will witness, in real-time, an evolving portrait of each student. And as all teachers know, the more you know about what drives a student, the easier it will be to build connections and personalize student learning. So, it comes as no surprise that this was one of our all-time most requested features!

Teacher viewing a student response

Learning with Find Your Grind is different. It’s supposed to be. But our commitment to driving forward real learning outcomes never changes. 

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