August 8, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

How to Set Classes Up for Success

When introducing a new class of students to the Find Your Grind learning experience, the excitement can be palpable. With so much content to explore, it’s easy to want to jump in and start engaging with the hundreds of inspiring mentors, cutting edge careers, and more. There will be plenty of time for that, but first, be sure to complete all three badges in the “The Journey STARTS HERE” unit. Let’s take a closer look at each badge and share some insights on why these should be done first.

How Future Ready Are You?

1. Establish your baseline

Establishing baselines for your cohort of learners is easy with Find Your Grind – and this badge is the key. After answering the straightforward questions asked in this badge, each learner will receive a Future Ready Indicator score – and voila, there is the baseline! The score is aligned to our four future-ready awareness competencies (self, social, career, and action) and motivates students to engage deeper in the learning as they aim to drive their score higher. It’s important that students understand that a “low” score here isn’t a bad thing, it simply means they have a lot of room to show growth! Check it out yourself today and see where you land.

Lifestyle Assessment

2. Personalize the experience

It’s time to get personal! By putting lifestyles first, we encourage learners to open up to the unlimited possibilities that can help them live a meaningful, fulfilling life. After completing this badge, each learner will be recommended content to explore based upon their lifestyle alignment results. Want to see the personalization in action? Before you complete the Lifestyle Assessment badge, head over to the “Explore” section and browse the content there (and be sure to notice how it is all presented alphabetically). Next, complete the Lifestyle Assessment badge and then go back to the “Explore” section once more. See the changes? Everything is now personalized for the user! Students will be offered content that closely aligns with their potential future self. 

Career Compare

3. Get inspired!

Looking for a neat way to give students a high-level overview of various careers, and expose them to just how vast the field is? Look no further than the Career Compare badge. Learners will be shown snippets of a career (lifestyle alignment, salary range, location, credentials required, etc.) and be asked to like the career or dismiss it. This is a great way to expose learners to all types of careers while getting them excited about what is to come in the class.


Focus on the three badges in the “The Journey STARTS HERE” unit first. Engaging with these badges will establish a baseline, personalize recommended content, and excite learners about the journey they are about to undertake. That’s it! If you follow those steps you can be confident that you are setting your class up for success! 

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