May 25, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

Innovation Leveled Up – Personalized Videos are Here!

Lifestyles sit at the core of the Find Your Grind experience and serve as the base for setting up personalized learning activities for students as they progress through the curriculum. However, lifestyles aren’t a topic that many adults, let alone students, are generally familiar with or have even given much thought to. Since the lifestyle-first approach is key to getting students to start their own journey, and internalize the concepts as they go, we have released a new feature that brings lifestyles to life!

After completing the Find Your Grind Lifestyle Assessment (found in the initial ‘The Journey STARTS HERE’ unit), students will discover a video that speaks directly to what their lifestyle results mean to them.

They will be inspired to continue their journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and will start digging deeper into their lifestyle matches by clicking on any of their matched Lifestyles directly in the video. Check out this amazing new feature below — feeding personalized, inspirational content to each student, available now!

Personalized Lifestyle Assessment Results

Educators are able to view their students’ personalized videos by going to the ‘People’ tab and selecting a student. The video will be available on the students’ portfolio page.

To learn more about Find Your Grind’s personalized video content for students, contact us.

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