October 10, 2023 | Harold Hare

Local Communities Linking with the Lifestyle-First Movement

The mindset shift is real and growing! After overwhelming requests from our partners to make our proprietary Lifestyle Assessment available to the communities where they work and live, we are proud to announce the release of our Lifestyle Assessment tool online, available now!

Amplifying Impact

Consider the difference between merely hearing about a concept and deeply experiencing it. Parents now, instead of just hearing that their child is “learning about their lifestyles,” can jump in right alongside at the very beginning of this journey and discover their own lifestyles. Now, when their child comes home and says “I’m a Creator, Entertainer, and Analyzer!” they can respond with “That’s awesome, I’m a Healer, Educator, and Creator!” This creates moments of connection. The resulting dialogues are rooted in mutual understanding, linking school experiences directly to personal significance. This paves the way for continued connection between what their child is doing in school to why that matters to them and their future. Instead of the usual “How was school today?”, conversations can become: 

  • “As a Creator, what opportunities were you given to create while learning today, how did that make you feel?”
  • “I know you have a speech coming up on Friday, that’s a great chance to embrace your inner Entertainer. Can I hear what you’ve prepared so far?”
  • “You know, science is really about analyzing. You gather the data and dive into it to try to make sense of it. What’s challenging you right now with your science homework?”
Broadening the Horizons

Parents are an obvious first connection piece, but they aren’t the only way students will ultimately benefit from members in their community discovering their own lifestyles. We’ve had several partners ask us to release the Lifestyle Assessment so that their local mentors can be matched to their own lifestyles—empowering districts to make meaningful matches between students and mentors. Brilliant! Imagine a classroom where students are organized into Lifestyle groups so mentors can come in and connect with students who share those same lifestyles—share tips for life and skills that students are looking for. 

Creating the Future Students Deserve

This is what the educational landscape should look like. Find Your Grind is transforming it to be a place where lessons learned about the approach to life and one’s career journey can be interwoven with the community where they live, fostering meaning and action that will translate to communities thriving with more future ready graduates than ever before!

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