October 12, 2023 | Harold Hare

Meeting Students Where They Are in Their Learning Journey 

An overview of what Find Your Grind’s Curricula Options has to offer (and what’s new: Spanish!!)

We’re on a mission to meet students wherever they are in their learning journey, whether it’s on a path toward being high school valedictorian, toward a life of traveling, or to the skate park (or all three!). We want to see students succeed in finding their own path that meets their life and career goals (even if they haven’t thought that far ahead yet). We are here to support them! To meet more students where they are, we’ve expanded our languages to include Spanish! This means students can read Find Your Grind’s content in both English and Spanish and all videos have English and Spanish caption options.  

Students can now be confident in their comprehension of the content rather than spending time trying to pay attention to vocabulary and sentence structure. We prioritize learning outcomes and believe it’s critical to design learning experiences that are functional and user-friendly. We focus on how these experiences work and why we’re creating them in the first place. 

As we continue to become more accessible, we focus on our Find Your Grind outcomes-based learning key principles and remember our inclusiveness to all students:

Relevance: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences are designed to be relatable to all students’ current and aspirational selves.

Intuitiveness: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences are easy to follow, use, and apply for all students.

Engagement: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences are efficient and keep students engaged.

Inspiration: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences promote agency and inspire students to apply concepts as life strategies.

Insightfulness: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences promote learning as something novel and insightful.

Application: Find Your Grind’s learning experiences are reflective and action-oriented, promoting exploration, experimentation, iteration, and adaptation.

How does this framework benefit students? 

Spanish-speaking students can now benefit from Find Your Grind’s curriculum more than ever. Find Your Grind’s curriculum is inclusive. Spanish-speaking and multilingual students have the opportunity to understand the lifestyle-first mindset, discover and develop their skills and passions, and match those to the post-high school pathway that truly aligns with their goals. How else does this framework benefit students? 

  • Self-awareness: Students discover and learn about their own strengths and values.
  • Empowerment: Students are empowered to make their own discoveries and choices about their future.
  • Hope: Students are given hope for the future with actionable and attainable steps to achieve their goals.
  • Positive social and behavioral outcomes: Students develop positive social and behavioral skills.
  • Long-term results: Students become confident and set goals so they can succeed and develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their lives and careers.

Transform your classroom

Transform your classroom and teaching experience with Find Your Grind. Our instructional design patterns combine microlearning, gamification, and professionally produced videos, created exclusively for Gen Z (now offered in two languages: Spanish and English). Check out Find Your Grind’s Multi-Year Curricula Options and the topics we cover. 

Find Your Grind offers multi-year or semester-long curriculum options. Each unit provides independent student learning time and is designed for students to spend additional time exploring Find Your Grind’s robust library of mentors, careers, lifestyles, skills, and industry pathways. Ultimately, Find Your Grind is designed to fit your unique needs — whether it is used as the primary curriculum for your class or a supplemental resource. 

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