January 13, 2023 | Bryan Wanzer

Mentor Kylie Von Seggern: Building Curious Students

Designing buildings, shaping cities, meeting with clients, and collaborating with teams are just a few of the skills in Kylie’s wheelhouse.

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.


Kylie Von Seggern, an architect and Find Your Grind mentor, tells students her story and explains what her career is all about. For her, being an architect is much more than drafting plans for buildings on paper or a computer screen. Communication and collaboration are critically important.

“Architecture is such a vast field that you will never work by yourself,” says Von Seggern, who works at Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture. Over her career, Kylie has developed key skills that have helped her as a Creator and a Maker and as a mentor, she tells her story for students.

“You will never know if you’re good at something if you don’t give it a try in the first place.”

Kylie Von Seggern, Architect and find your grind mentor

As a mentor, Kylie tells students to take different classes and find out what they’re interested in. She only realized architecture was for her after taking drafting and industrial design classes, even when she was the only girl in many of them. If it wasn’t for that exploration, Kylie would have never landed in her career and lifestyle she gets to live.

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