December 13, 2022 | Bryan Wanzer

Music Marketing Careers: Nikki Hirsch guides students through careers in music marketing

Nikki Hirsch is a music marketing consultant who connects brands and artists to tell stories through music.

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Nikki describes herself as a solopreneur and serial monetizer of hobbies. These days, most of her working hours are spent running a one-woman music marketing consultancy where she creates strategic partnerships between brands and talent. 

An early passion for music led her to the industry, where it was her dream to work behind the scenes with artists. 22 years later, her role in music has evolved from working at record labels to consulting for brands, but she still loves what she does. She is also a certified wellness coach, partner of Brooklyn-based music venue Friends and Lovers, an owner of irreverent greeting card company Junk Punch, and creator of jewelry brand, Rocks and Stars.

“Zie Mensch. It’s Yiddish and something my grandfather would always say.  It loosely translates to ‘be a good person.’”

Nikki Hirsch, Music Marketing Consultant and find your grind mentor

Nikki explains that the music business can be very competitive but that shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing a career in it.

“I think it’s really helpful to keep in mind that even though it’s a very competitive business, and even though a lot of people want to work in music, that person can be you. If you want it, and it’s your passion, and you’re inspired by it, then take the necessary steps to pursue it. Be resourceful, be diligent, educate yourself, read anything you can get your hands on. Be relentless in your pursuit”

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