October 19, 2023 | Harold Hare

Ohio’s Collaborative Approach to Empowering Future Leaders

In the heart of the United States, Ohio is recognized for its innovative and dedicated workforce. With emerging careers in Electric Vehicles, Intel’s new factory, Broadband, and various other fields, Ohio’s workforce is evolving. This transformation demands not only technical skills but also essential employability skills to adapt to changing landscapes. The question we face is: How do we prepare the next generation of leaders to not only keep up with a rapidly evolving world but thrive in it?

The answer lies in the collective efforts of educators, administrators, and the broader community. Together, we can equip Ohio students with the skills and motivation they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Empowering Ohio’s Future Leaders: The Role of Educators

Empowering our students begins with empowering our educators. Ohio’s teachers, the unsung heroes of our society, need to be equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and resources to foster student growth and success. It’s not about burdening them with more tasks, but providing them with exciting and efficient resources to inspire and engage their students. Professional development and continuous learning are the key components in ensuring that educators stay at the forefront of educational innovation.

“I feel like with Find Your Grind PD, I can truly become that facilitator that we all dream of being instead of just being that sage on the stage where I am talking at my students.” – Tamar Fishbein, Ohio High School Educator

Click to view the impact of Find Your Grind’s Professional Development and Comprehensive Platform by watching Ohio educators share their inspiring stories. See how these resources have not only empowered them but also reconnected them with their “why” behind the work they are doing.

Administrators: Customizing Success for Each District

Schools and districts have unique goals that require tailored solutions. Find Your Grind steps in to work with each school and customize an implementation plan that suits their needs. 

Lindsey Schmiesing, Curriculum Director at Mercer County ESC, shared her experience, saying, “The ease of working with Find Your Grind to match our district’s needs has been tremendous. Each district utilizes the curriculum in a different way, and Find Your Grind goes above and beyond with their customer service to educate teachers and make them feel comfortable with implementation.”

Aligning with Ohio’s Career Connections Framework for Middle School and High School, Find Your Grind ensures that Ohio Standards are met. 

Empowering Students: Fostering Autonomy

Empowering students to take ownership of their learning is at the heart of the Find Your Grind curriculum. This comprehensive platform encourages self-discovery, responsibility, and autonomy, preparing students for a world where self-direction is crucial for success. Find Your Grind equips students with the tools to uncover their passions, strengths, and purpose, helping them confidently navigate their future careers.

“I want students to close their eyes and envision themselves in the future and not just answer the question, ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ but be able to answer the question, ‘What kind of quality of life do I want to have when I grow up?’ Find Your Grind supports our opportunity to build a future-self vision for our students by providing a real-world curriculum and real people for real students.”

– Shannon Cox, Superintendent, Montgomery County Educational Service Center

The Future of Ohio is in Our Hands

How do you envision Ohio’s future? Let’s work together to make it a reality. Collaboration with educators, administrators, and resources like Find Your Grind is vital to provide Ohio students with the tools they need for a successful future.

Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can collaborate in empowering Ohio’s future leaders. Together, we can pave the way for Ohio’s future leaders to find their grind and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

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