April 20, 2023 | Ian Hatcher

Parental Feedback Request

Feedback. We crave it. We look for it. We get excited about it! 

We know that a truly innovative and impactful edtech product can’t be built without understanding the needs of educators and students. But what about parents and guardians? 

The outcomes of the Find Your Grind learning experience propel students on paths that will directly impact their lives as they become ready for the future, no matter what it looks like. We believe most parents would like to have a glimpse at their students’ journeys in order to understand how they can better support their children on this journey. 

We recognize that parents want the best for their children and want to be involved in helping to support their future vision. That’s why we are seeking parental input to understand if what their child discovers while learning with Find Your Grind, such as their lifestyles, interests, possible career paths, and skills, would be beneficial for parents to know as well. And if so, how much insight do they need? With some of these insights, do parents know how to support their children on their journeys? By understanding what parents would like to know about their children’s lives beyond high school, we can provide them with the necessary tools and resources to support their children’s journeys.

And of course, we are committed to making the process of providing feedback as easy and convenient as possible. If you are a parent or guardian and would be willing to chat with us for 30 minutes, please enter your email below and we will be in touch!

Thank you for considering taking part in a feedback session with us and helping us create a more impactful learning experience for all students!

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