February 19, 2024 | Harold Hare

Part 3: Funding for Your Future Ready Curriculum – Exploring Grant Offerings

In this series, we focused on the essentials of ESSER funds, highlighting how these resources can be pivotal for schools aiming to adopt innovative curricula like Find Your Grind, designed to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world. We then shifted the spotlight to the top ESSER funding applications, presenting strategic approaches that ensure investments directly support comprehensive, future-ready education solutions. Now, in Part 3, we’re expanding our exploration into the broader grant landscape, guiding LEAs on how to harness various grant types to further enrich their educational offerings, especially in fostering social and emotional learning among students.

Four prevalent categories of educational grants are often utilized by local educational agencies (LEAs) to supplement their general fund expenditures. These include: Competitive Grants, Formula Grants, Continuation Grants, and Pass Through Grants.

  • Competitive Grants: Requiring an application process, these grants require LEAs to submit an application, with some requiring more effort and time than others (competitive vs. non-competitive). Local, state, and federal entities provide these grants, and based on the category, they can be applied towards acquiring the Find Your Grind curriculum.
  • Formula Grants: State and federal agencies distribute formula grants automatically, such as funds for Title programs or Special Education. The allocation of these funds is determined by a specific formula. Funds from Title I, IIA, and IV can be allocated for training and curriculum associated with social and emotional learning (SEL). Furthermore, designated portions of special education funding are required to be invested in programs backed by evidence, like the Find Your Grind platform.
  • Continuation Grants: Grants that extend over several years through renewal or the redistribution of funds are known as continuation grants. The awarding of some of these grants depends on previous achievements, making the gathering of data on effective results crucial. Such information can assist in maintaining the funding for your Future Ready Curriculum over an extended period.
  • Pass-Through Grants: Distinctive in their structure, these grants involve forming a partnership with another local or state entity that assumes the role of the principal grant recipient. In these scenarios, local educational agencies (LEAs) initially cover expenses with their own resources, subsequently claiming reimbursements from the primary grant holder. This approach is beneficial as it shifts a portion of the compliance obligations onto the primary grantee, thereby granting LEAs additional capacity to focus on service delivery.

Understanding and navigating the landscape of grants offers LEAs a strategic approach to enhancing their educational programs. By leveraging these diverse funding streams, LEAs can significantly enrich their curriculum offerings, particularly in areas such as social and emotional learning (SEL), ensuring a comprehensive and impactful educational experience for students.

Granting Educational Excellence

In this comprehensive series, we’ve explored essential aspects of funding for your Future Ready Curriculum, covering ESSER funds and various grant opportunities available to local educational agencies (LEAs). As you navigate the landscape of educational funding, Find Your Grind is here to support you every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to helping you implement innovative curricula and enrich your educational offerings. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s work together to empower your students for success in the future.

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