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Brittany Isenhour is a professional soccer player for Angel City FC and shares her experiences and advice for students.

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Brittany Isenhour is a professional soccer player for Angel City FC in Los Angeles, CA. She started playing soccer at the age of three in her hometown of Littleton, CO. After watching the US Women’s National Team in Littleton, she realized her dream of playing soccer for a living could be a reality. 

She believes that she is much more than an athlete and tries to use her platform to talk about the real side of professional sports and the hurdles she had to overcome in life to get where she is today.

“Enjoy the process, the process is everything. Truly be in the moment rather than focusing on the end goal. Be intentional with sharing your story and be authentic to your true self; your story might just change someone’s life.”

Brittany Isenhour, Professional Soccer Player and find your grind mentor

Brittany understands the role and responsibilities she has as a professional athlete on social media and crafts her posts to be as authentic as possible. 

“I definitely have the responsibility of portraying a lifestyle that’s true and authentic. I think it’s easy on social media to post all your highlight reels, but that can leave people feeling pretty lonely. I want to use social media as a tool to share my story to be raw and authentic, to share my goals, my hopes, and my dreams, but also some low points and some lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

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