October 24, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

Student Lifestyle Traits Surface while Learning with Find Your Grind

Lifestyle first! This month we decided to explore the data we are seeing with respect to student lifestyle alignment. Do aspects of lifestyle alignment show up while students are engaged in the Find Your Grind learning experience? Let’s dive in and find out! 

Filtering Lifestyles

This summer one of the features we rolled out enabled students to be more specific and curious about what careers and mentors they may want to explore by utilizing new filters. These filters allow students to narrow down the 270+ careers and 180+ mentors currently available based on criteria they choose around lifestyles, salaries, qualifications, and associated industries. 

After about a month of collecting data around which filters students are choosing to apply, we have discovered that the Analyzer lifestyle filter is the most often used lifestyle filter. Is this significant or is it the case that more students are matched as an Analyzer than any other lifestyle (therefore there would be a greater population size overall to interact with the filters)? 

It is significant! The Analyzer lifestyle is the 5th most frequently matched primary lifestyle to students (representing a bit over 10% of all students), but it is the top lifestyle filter that students apply (roughly 1 in 5 students who have utilized the lifestyle filter choose Analyzer). Consider that for a moment. Out of the sixteen possible lifestyles that students get matched to, Analyzers (whose superpower is to be informed and to work with facts and the truth) are seeking out careers and mentors related to their lifestyle more than any other lifestyle. They are embodying what it means to be an Analyzer while learning with Find Your Grind. 

Sharing Insights with Others

Another popular feature released this year provides students with insights about themselves (derived from their interactions with Find Your Grind) in the form of easily digestible sentences, mapped to each of our four future-ready competencies (self, social, career, and action awareness). These sentences serve not only as a guide to the student but as bragging rights as well. The “About Me” section on the student portfolio, makes it easy for students to say “look what I did and look what I can do!” We made it super easy for students to copy this information so they can share it with whomever they’d like. 

So, what does the data say – which students are utilizing this feature the most? Over half of all students who copied this information about themselves were identified as Connectors, Entertainers, and Creators! 

  • The Connector Lifestyle superpower is to be relatable. Connectors find inspiration, hope, and passion in making connections, building relationships, and sharing their own expertise for good
  • Entertainers crave positive feedback, energy from others, and affirmations, but are also independent and possess a strong sense of self.
  • Creators have the ability to initiate new experiences and perspectives and find joy in sharing them with others.

So it comes as no surprise that Connectors, Entertainers, and Creators are copying and sharing this information about themselves with others more than students aligned to other lifestyles!

What does all of this mean? Our unique Lifestyle Assessment (which matches each student to a primary, secondary, and tertiary lifestyle) is legit! We already knew that students and teachers alike both love the assessment and the insights the results bring to them, and now we have data to back up the validity of those results. 

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