March 2, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Student Voices Series: Jayden & Jordan

Our favorite feedback from educators is when we hear real stories of classroom engagement and magic moments of their students discussing where they would like to see their lives go. It is even better feedback when it is shared by the students themselves. 

For twins, Jayden and Jordan, learning about themselves but also being able to learn about their classmates through incredible classroom conversations and discussions have been one of their biggest takeaways from the Find Your Grind curriculum. 

“My favorite part has been the discussions we have had in class. I like hearing what everyone else has to say about the lessons and learning about things like their communication styles.”  – Jayden, a 9th-grade student

The process of learning more about their lifestyle directions has also resonated with the twins. Jayden, a Competitor, and Jordan, a Healer, both feel more Future Ready by understanding the directions they can pursue to achieve what is important to them. 

“I use to freeze when anyone asked me what I was going to do when I grow up. Going through Find Your Grind, I feel like I am Future Ready by learning about my lifestyle and putting that before careers and salary options, and focusing on careers that will allow me to be happy every day.” – Jordan, a 9th-grade student

More about classroom engagement: 

It’s easy to hone in on the specific details of any student’s journey in your class, and we support that with the student profile feature. But sometimes you need to understand the bigger picture and get a pulse on how your class is responding to the subject matter as a group. This is what our Insights feature is all about.

With the click of a button, teachers can view overall engagement and progression levels. But we don’t stop there—we know that the really interesting things that can easily spark meaningful class discussions revolve around revealing what content is exciting and motivating for the students. What are they gravitating toward?

What is the most popular lifestyle in your class?

What are the top careers students are showing interest in?

What skills have students discovered?

Our insights feature organizes this and more in a single, easy-to-digest view. And it doesn’t quit—as your class goes deeper into the curriculum, the insights get richer and evolves over time.

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